Rock Bottom to Success

My name is Jennifer,  we are a family of 6 (with another on the way). We homeschool, we eat at home, we live (or try) a THM Lifestyle, we are healing from abuse, we have chronic illnesses, we have children with special needs, we know poor, and we hope for a better life. This is our Journey from rock bottom to success… while others try to make us fail!

Meet Our Family!

Ocean and sand

Our Family

Welcome to our Blog! Come and join us as we fight our way out of the “pit” to Success. Read our stories about our past, and what we hope for the future. Follow our blog, and not miss a moment!

Things to learn about me

Ocean and sand


This is my blog, and I am going to be the one who will be writing most of the blog posts. I was abused as a child and abused in 2 Marriages. I have about a million (this is an exaggeration) health issues that have caused Obstacles to our success.

Things to learn about me

Learning through Life

Are you homeschooling your kids, or looking into Homeschooling your kids (because of Covid, or for other reasons). Then check out my tips and tricks at learning through Life. You can even check out Grade levels, see below:

I have been researching homeschooling for the better part of 13 years.

Remember to Check out our Homeschooling Adventures

Sand and ocean


This is my Husband! I am not the only one who has had a bad life. He has had abuse in childhood, toxic relationships, and some health issues that have caused Obstacles to our success.

Things to learn about Klinton

  • Past
  • Health
  • His Journey
Clear water at the beach


This is my son and my oldest child! He is a very smart 12 year-old boy. He loves Art and the color Red!

My Homeschooling Portfolio:


This is my oldest daughter. She is a bit of a wildfire, at only 9 years old.


This is my 3rd child. At 3 years old, she is sweet with a hint of attitude.

My Homeschooling Portfolio


This is my 4th child. My crazy little 1 year old daughter. She is sweet, and smart. Learning new things every day!

My Homeschooling Portfolio:


This is my 5th child… she is on the way! She hates ultrasounds and NST’s (Non-Stress Tests).

My “Homeschooling” Portfolio:

Thank You!

I want to thank you for visiting my website and blog! We are currently working on donations to keep us going! Please feel free to leave us comments or donation – My PayPal

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